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22 Aug 2018

Office Administrator Vacancy at Shippio

Motorcycle Office Administrator

Employment opportunity in Wollaston, Northamptonshire


Would you like to work for a fast-growing company in a village location?


Shippio Car & Motorcycle Shipping was established in 2009, specialising in the international shipment and procurement of cars & motorcycles. Our customers are diverse and include racing stars, celebrities and prestigious companies.


We are looking for an accomplished office administrator with with a keen interest in motorcycles, exceptional customer service skills and a logical approach.

The position is varied and will include both office and practical based activities.


Shippio Ltd is located at the Scott Bader Innovation Centre in the village of Wollaston, Northamptonshire. We have access to many of the Scott Bader facilities including the gardens, subsidised swimming pool and canteen.


  • Salary of GBP 20K per annum
  • Pension Scheme
  • Fantastic location



Please contact us at with your CV for more information.

26 Jun 2018

US Trade War with Europe affects motorcycle imports

The European Union has retaliated to the increase in levies placed on the import of certain Steel and Aluminium products into the United States of America. As of the 20th June 2018 an ‘Additional Duty’ will be charged on the import of certain items from the USA to the EU. This includes motorcycles, boats, food products, clothing, footwear and commercial vehicles arriving into European Union ports/airports from the USA.

‘Additional 25% Duty’ levy on motorcycles imported from the USA to the UK/EU under 30 years old & with an engine capacity over 500cc

We are urging customers importing motorcycles under 30 years old from the USA to ensure that any parts are correctly listed separately on their bills of sale. Motorcycle parts are not subject to the new ‘Additional Duty’ placed on US imports and only attract standard duty at 3.7% and 20% VAT.

Shippio Motorcycle Shipping can still import motorcycles over 30 years old into the UK/EU at only 5% VAT and no duty.

We are hoping the ‘Additional Duty’ placed on these imports from the USA will be short term and we will post further updates as the situation changes.


If you are looking for advise on importing cars, motorcycles or other items from the USA to the UK/EU, please don’t hesitate to contact us HERE


Alternatively, you may like to consider importing from other territories including Japan, South Africa, Australia or New Zealand.

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