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26 Jun 2018

US Trade War with Europe affects motorcycle imports

The European Union has retaliated to the increase in levies placed on the import of certain Steel and Aluminium products into the United States of America. As of the 20th June 2018 an ‘Additional Duty’ will be charged on the import of certain items from the USA to the EU. This includes motorcycles, boats, food products, clothing, footwear and commercial vehicles arriving into European Union ports/airports from the USA.

‘Additional 25% Duty’ levy on motorcycles imported from the USA to the UK/EU under 30 years old & with an engine capacity over 500cc

We are urging customers importing motorcycles under 30 years old from the USA to ensure that any parts are correctly listed separately on their bills of sale. Motorcycle parts are not subject to the new ‘Additional Duty’ placed on US imports and only attract standard duty at 3.7% and 20% VAT.

Shippio Motorcycle Shipping can still import motorcycles over 30 years old into the UK/EU at only 5% VAT and no duty.

We are hoping the ‘Additional Duty’ placed on these imports from the USA will be short term and we will post further updates as the situation changes.


If you are looking for advise on importing cars, motorcycles or other items from the USA to the UK/EU, please don’t hesitate to contact us HERE


Alternatively, you may like to consider importing from other territories including Japan, South Africa, Australia or New Zealand.

09 Dec 2016

Shippio declared award Finalists for ‘going the extra mile’

Shippio Car & Motorcycle Shipping declared finalists at the 2016 BIFA Freight Service Awards for going the ‘extra mile’

The British Institute of Freight Association (BIFA) freight service awards are now in their 28th year. The awards encourage and reward high standards and professionalism. They represent the ultimate recognition of special achievements in different sectors of the industry.

the industries most coveted awards…

Shippio Car & Motorcycle Shipping was instrumental in the movement of the largest collection of Brough Motorcycles in the world, from Robert White in Dorset to Jay Leno in the USA. The high value, delicate nature and cultural importance of the shipment involved complex logistics.

The seller was very sadly diagnosed with terminal cancer and his treatment was provided by Poole hospital trust. Mr White was very impressed by the care and treatment he received from the trust. So much so that he pledged the GBP 3.5 million generated from the sale of the motorcycle collection to develop their cancer facilities. Communication was key to ensure the aims of the seller, purchaser and Poole Hospital Trust were all achieved.

The seller was reassured by the knowledge that the motorcycles arrived safely with the buyer and that Poole Hospital trust received their vital funding.

Shippio have been judged by the to meet the award criteria of ‘innovation’ and/or ‘customer care’ by adding value and exceeding their customer’s expectations. The Shippio team will be travelling to London in January for the awards ceremony and the announcement of the category winner.

Wish us luck!

Further details regarding the awards and categories may be seen here

24 Feb 2016

New Website Launch 2016

An updated look for the Shippio Brand

We are proud to announce the launch of our new and updated Shippio website. Established in 2009, Shippio have always aimed to offer a truly attentive service focussing on going the extra mile, to ensure our customer are not left high and dry at any time. Our team has over 25 years of experience in car shipping, motorcycle shipping, procurement and customs brokerage to ensure we are experts in our field.

We look forward to continuing to be one of the most trusted vehicle shipping service providers in the UK.

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