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Frequently Asked Car & Motorcycle Shipping Questions - Shippio


Shipping FAQ’s

How do I contact you?

Please fill in our enquiry form, send us an email or give us a call. You are also welcome to let us know when would be a convenient time and we can certainly Skype or give you a call.

What documentation do you need for international shipments?

– Copy Passport Photo page or equivalent photo ID (Private shipments only)
– Proof of ownership (Registration or Title where relevant)
– Proof of sale (Invoice or bill of sale)

Do you complete a vehicle condition report?

A full condition report is completed on collection of your car or motorcycle from your address or when you deliver into our depot.

Do you drain the fluids?

Fluids can remain in the vehicle for the majority of shipments and it is only a small number of countries serviced by air or ocean that require fluids to be drained. Please check the ‘Countries Database’ for to the requirements specific to your shipment.

Do you dismantle motorcycles?

We don’t dismantle motorcycles for the majority of shipments and so your bike will arrive at destination complete. On occasions, some taller motorcycles will require the removal of screens and mirrors which we will undertake with great care, ensuring that both the screen and mirrors are protectively wrapped and any fastenings are safely included with the bike.
On occasions where we are shipping a dismantled motorcycle, the parts will be securely packed into a single case.

How safe is my vehicle?

From damages?
We only use experienced specialist carriers for handling loose Cars & Motorcycles. When crating motorcycles, where possible, we hold the motorcycle on the rubber points (Tyres and foot pegs) to ensure the motorcycle is held in the safest and secure way without stressing the suspension. Where straps are used, we only use specialist fabric vehicle straps to ensure no marks are left on securing points. Great care is taken to ensure no undue stress is placed on the motorcycle through overtightening.
When securing cars for shipments, professional heavy duty vehicle straps are used on the wheels to ensure the car is held securely on the rubber points without stressing suspension and the chassis.

From Theft?
Our specialist carriers adhere to the most stringent security procedures and your vehicle is always kept within a fully secure environment with controlled access at all times.
For international shipments there are no excuses for security breaches and Shippio Ltd. only recommends our customers to those agents that we have a working relationship with.

Can I send luggage’s or riding gear with my bike?

Yes you can, however please ensure that any items are adequately packed for transit. We haven’t had any problems to date, however please note that any items additional to the vehicle are not covered for loss or damage during transit and are therefore transported at the owners risk. Please ensure that everything is correctly labelled before shipment.
Please select the luggage quantity when obtaining your quote. This is based on weight and can be carried providing we can physically fit the items into the crate. Please refer to the “Which items am I prohibited from taking?” section for exclusions.

When can I drop off or collect my vehicle from a depot?

You can drop your vehicle into a local depot Monday to Friday between 0930 hrs and 1630hrs providing it is not a national holiday. We suggest phoning in advance to make a booking to ensure you are not kept waiting.

What will happen when my vehicle leaves my care?

When you hand across your vehicle, one of our representatives will carry out a full condition report for your vehicle. A copy of this report will be uploaded to your Shippio account for your records.

Do you need to drive my car or ride my motorcycle?

If it safe to do so, your car will only be started for loading/unloading. We have no need to ride your motorcycle at any stage in the process.

Will my vehicle require steam cleaning?

We highly recommend you thoroughly clean your vehicle prior to shipment, paying particular attention to the wheel arches, underside, engine compartment and tyres. A certificate to prove that a vehicle has been steam cleaned prior to shipment does not mean that steam cleaning will be required on arrival at destination. Providing the vehicle is obviously clean, we rarely hear of customers encountering problems at destination. If you are shipping to either Australia or New Zealand the Ministry of Agriculture Quarantine department will inspect your vehicle for cleanliness upon arrival and may insist that the vehicle is steam cleaned. They are looking specifically for soil, seeds and dust.

Should I purchase the additional Transit Insurance Policy?

Unless specifically stated, without a Transit Insurance Policy, your vehicle will be insured by the carrier to a minimum liability. This is typically 2 SDR’s (US$2) per kilo by ocean freight, 8 SDR’s (US$8) per kilo for road freight and US$20 per kilo by airfreight. This means that without a Transit Insurance Policy in place, shipments are often heavily under insured and should the worse happen, you would need to pursue any claims directly with the airline, shipping line or haulier. We therefore always recommend taking out an enhanced liability transit insurance policy for vehicle shipments to protect you from losses.

What is the risk of damages?

It would be wrong to say that damages never happen as the nature of transport means there are many elements out of everyone’s control. We only work with the most professional and trustworthy carriers in the industry all adhering to specific standards to minimise risk and error. Should something go wrong, we can confidently guarantee that any issues will he handled promptly and in the correct manner through to resolution.

What payment options do you accept?

We accept payment by bank transfer (online or through your branch), Sagepay or credit/debit card payment.

Do I have to pay VAT on Shippio services?

VAT only applies to vehicle transport within the EU. International shipments to and from the EU are not subject to VAT.

Will there be any surprise charges?

Providing the vehicle and shipment has been described accurately to us there may be no additional charges. Please note that for international shipments between different countries we can only advise on the destination charges and specific requirements for your shipment. These may change without notice.

Which charges are excluded?

Our charges do not include any storages at origin or destination, additional disbursements, local charges at destination (Unless otherwise specified) import duties, taxes, bonds or any other sums levied by governments. These exclusions also include Goods and Services Tax and where applicable, quarantine inspection or steam cleaning

European & Domestic Transportation

Many people are surprised to hear that the majority of vehicle carriers are operating heavily underinsured. They will explain that they have goods in transit insurance to X amount. However, this is calculated at very best to approximately £8 per kilo up to a maximum of X. Therefore an average motorcycle at 250Kg. is typically covered to less than £2000.
We only use carriers who are fully insured to the true value of the vehicle, or we at least bring it to your attention where insurance falls short, providing you with the opportunity to increase the level to suit your vehicle.
Unlike other operators, we only carry vehicles and so you won’t find beds and other cargo travelling with your vehicle.
We use heavy duty permanent vehicle ramps enabling us to load vehicle without assistance.
Shippio Car & Motorcycle Shipping work to ensure that transportation is carried out in the safest, but most economical way possible.

International Movements:

Roll-on-Roll-Off (RORO) is great for cars, but not motorcycles. Many operators now refuse to take bikes due to the sheer number of damages caused by strapping straight onto the deck.
Packing/Crating yourself:
– Very often this increases cost rather than decreases.
– Many people try to reuse the metal crates used by many of the manufacturers. We have recently been aware of the welds splitting on these crates risking damage to motorcycles. These crates are designed for single use so we would advise against people using them.
– For airfreight Dangerous Goods Certificates need to be supplied by whoever packs or loads the vehicle. If you’re not certified to do this, then the vehicle will need to be packed by ourselves.
– All packing materials must conform to ISPM-15 regulations and include the necessary markings to avoid impound and additional fines and penalties on arrival at destination.
– Shippio Car & Motorcycle Shipping work to ensure that transportation is carried out in the safest, but most economical way possible.

Can I travel with my car or motorcycle during shipping?

Many travellers ask the question of whether they can travel on the same ship or aeroplane as their motorcycle.
Cargo ships only permit a small number of passengers in order to avoid having to have a doctor on board. The following companies specialise in passenger bookings aboard cargo ships:

Cargo Ship Voyages: http://cargoshipvoyages.com/
Freighter Expeditions: http://www.freighterexpeditions.com.au/
Maritime Cruises: http://maritime-cruises.com/

For airfreight we look to send your car or motorcycle to arrive at destination before you arrive. This means that it may be unloaded and go through the customs examinations prior to you collecting. The size and destination of the vehicle may require transport by ‘Freight only’ aircraft for part or all of its journey.

Procurement FAQ’s

How do I contact you?

Please fill in our enquiry form, send us an email or give us a call. You are also welcome to let us know when would be a convenient time and we can certainly Skype or give you a call.

Can you arrange transport & Shipping?

This is also part of our expertise and we would look after collection by professional fully insured vehicle transporter who takes the utmost care of your vehicle. We would then load and ship by air or ocean to your destination. We would look to put you in touch with our local contacts to assist you with the local formalities on arrival at destination. Further details may be seen at Shipping details link

Do you need a deposit for a vehicle?

Yes: A deposit is taken in order for us to secure the vehicle for you. This ranges between GBP 500 and GBP 1000 depending on the make and model of the vehicle.

Are your vehicle inspected for mechanical and cosmetic condition?

All of our vehicles are either new or manufacturer approved used vehicles. As such they have to pass the stringent tests carried out by the main dealer in order to be passed for sale. This means that we only show you the highest quality used vehicles at the lowest prices. This enables your vehicle to be supplied with the remaining manufactures warranty. A cosmetic condition report is again produced before your vehicle is loaded for shipment.

What are the Payment Options?

As the amounts transferred are quite large, bank transfers are the best method for payment. These may be organised using your online banking or by going into your local branch.

What can I expect from used vehicle condition?

All our used vehicles have past the stringent tests outlined by the manufactures for approved used vehicles. The vehicle will be up to date with all service and manufacture recalls. They may show minimal tyre wear, stone chips (usually to the front of the car from normal UK driving)

What are Manufacture Approved Used Vehicles?

This is a vehicle that has been fully checked by the main dealer into its service history, previous owners, outstanding loans and accidents. They conduct a full inspection above the level of the independent vehicle inspection companies to ensure that your vehicle meets the stringent regulations outlined by the Manufacturer. The manufactures are placing their seals of approvals on these cars so you can be sure that they will be the highest quality used cars in the UK market for your peace of mind.

What vehicle documentation do you supply?

Any original vehicle documentation packs will be left in the car and you will be send copies of the shipping documents (bills of lading), the original UK registration documents (V5) and the bill of sale.

Can I drive my vehicle in the UK before you ship to my destination country?

In order for us to supply your vehicle to you VAT free, a saving of 20%, we need to be able to show direct export of your vehicle and so we will transport by professional vehicle transporter straight to the port depot for loading and shipment to you.

Will you drive my vehicle in the UK before I receive it?

Don’t worry, this is your vehicle and as such we will have no need to drive and increase your mileage. Your vehicle will be transported to port by car transporter to reduce any risks of road damages. Your vehicle is then simply driven up a ramp into the shipping container for loading and securing ready for shipment.

Does my vehicle come with a warranty?

Yes: All of our vehicles come with a Manufacture full or approved used warranty. The length of the warranty depends on the age of the vehicle when purchase. Most manufacturers provide a 3 year warranty from new, but reduce this to 2 years if the vehicle leaves the UK. For those preferring an even longer warranty, we can certainly put you in contact with companies in your home country who specialise in providing extended warranties for your vehicle. Any work should still be done by the manufacturers franchised main dealers, but the bill is paid by the warranty company.

What does VAT Qualifying actually mean?

In the UK we pay 20% local tax on most purchases including vehicles. As a UK VAT registered company we can offer vehicles free of VAT providing we export outside of the European Economic Community (EEC)

Will the vehicle be supplied with local maps on the SatNav?

UK dealerships don’t have the facility to change SatNav mapping to places outside of the European Union. We can put you directly in contact with a specialist local to you who can update your SatNav system for local mapping and details.

Are all vehicles in the UK VAT Qualifying?

Only a small number of vehicles in the UK are VAT qualifying and it’s our job to find you a VAT qualifying example of your desired vehicle. Many people get caught out when purchasing vehicles as there are many vehicles where only a small percentage of the VAT can be deducted. Our vehicles are offered at the full VAT reduction.



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