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Requirements for importing cars and motorcycles into Australia



A guide to the Australian import regulations, documentation and local charges for the importation of cars and motorcycles into Australia.

There are 8 steps to importing a vehicle into Australia:

  1. Check to see if you can import your vehicle (Not required for temporary imports)
  2. Apply for a vehicle import approval 
  3. Receive vehicle import approval certificate
  4. Arrange shipment of your vehicle
  5. Customs clearance on arrival
  6. Australian Quarantine Inspection
  7. Meet any Import Approval conditions
  8. Register your vehicle with your nearest State Road & Transport Authorities – Please click here for a list

Most people choose to import their cars or motorcycles into Australia under the following import approval options:

Temporary importation of a car or motorcycle is permitted without a Vehicle Import Approval providing a Carnet de Passages is used. This is valid for up to 12 months at which point the vehicle must return to its country of origin.

Required Document 1

Invoice of Sale

Required Document 2

Vehicle Registration Document (V5C)

Required Document 3

Passport photo page or equivalent photo ID

Required Document 4

Shipping Documents (Airway Bill or ocean Bill of Lading)

Required Document 5

Vehicle Import Approval Certificate – Please note that this is also now required for reimport of an Australian motorcycle not travelling on an Australian Carnet de Passage.

Import Rates
Local Contacts
Note 1

Australian Quarantine Inspectors are looking for dust, soil and seeds. They pay most attention to the tyres and the underneath of both seats and mudguards.

Our previous customers have found that they are rarely charged for Australian fumigation by ensuring their vehicle is clean with particular attention to these areas. We can certainly organise professional cleaning through Mo-Clean prior to shipment if you prefer.

We never advise professional fumigation before a vehicle is shipped. The Australian Quarantine inspector may request it is done again on arrival. Should this happen, we have been advised that Australian fumigation charges for a motorcycle are typically AUD 250.00.

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