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Import regulations - cars & motorcycles arriving in New Zealand

New Zealand

New Zealand

Below you will find the Import regulations – cars & motorcycles arriving in New Zealand.

The import of left hand drive vehicles is prohibited for car shipping to New Zealand

Required Document 1

Invoice of Sale

Required Document 2

Vehicle Registration Document (V5C)

Required Document 3

Passport photo page

Required Document 4

Shipping Documents (Airway Bill or ocean Bill of Lading)

Import Rates
  • GST is charged by NZ Customs at 15% of CIF value (CIF refers to the Cost of vehicle + Insurance + Freight).
  • There is no duty on motor vehicles being imported into New Zealand (duty is charged on motor homes for non-qualifying migrants).
  • Please find further details on these rates by clicking here to take you to the NZ Customs website.
Local Contacts

We are glad to share our New Zealand contacts and we currently cover the following services:

  • New Zealand customs clearances
  • MAF Inspection
  • Compliance Testing
  • Registration
  • GPS Map upgrades
  • Vehicle modifications

Please drop us an email and let us know what you are looking for and we will gladly put you in contact with our car shipping and motorcycle shipping contacts who can assist.

Note 1

MAF/MPI Quarantine Inspection

MAF in New Zealand require a certain level of cleanliness on vehicles shipped into the country in the interest of bio security.


  • Cleaning charges in New Zealand typically amount to NZD 250 for the average car (only if required)
Note 2

NZ Compliance testing & Registration

Motor vehicles are required to be tested for certification to New Zealand Safety and Compliance Standards. It is essential that you check that your new vehicle will comply with these standards before you buy.


  • Compliance and the on-road costs for a European vehicle is typically around 500.00 NZD, providing it passes inspection.
  • Registration is currently 450.00 NZD for 12 months


For full details please check the website for the Land Transport Safety Authority (www.ltsa.govt.nz).

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