Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

Below you will find the Import regulations – cars & motorcycles arriving in Puerto Rico

Required Document 1

Invoice of Sale

Required Document 2

Vehicle Registration Document (V5C)

Required Document 3

Passport photo page

Required Document 4

Shipping Documents (Airway Bill or ocean Bill of Lading)

Required Document 5

HS7 Declaration (Completed) – Fill in as much as possible and take with you to U.S. Customs. The form can be found here.

Required Document 6

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 3250-1 Declaration Form – The form can be found here.

Required Document 7

Temporary Import – ATA Carnet – Applies only for commercial samples, professional equipment and goods for use at exhibitions and fairs/races). This must be obtained prior to shipment & originals to be sent with shipment on export. More information can be found here.

Required Document 8

Temporary Import – Please email Imports@epa.gov to request the latest procedure for application. You will need to allow at least 3 weeks for this application. Permits Temporary import into the USA for up to 1 year.

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