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Landing Page - UK to NZ - Shippio

Landing Page – UK to NZ

We can cover the following:

Arranging transport of your vehicle safely to the packing depot for shipping

VAT reclaim from the sale (must be VAT qualifying vehicle) – Link to VAT qualifying definition

Assisting with Foreign currency rates and bank transfers to UK companies / private sales

Arranging Vehicle checks for you prior to purchase

Vehicle sourcing for Cars, Caravans, Motorhomes, Motorbikes

Shipping to your destination country

Full insurance that covers your vehicle while it is shipped.

All arrivals in your destination country, including: Customs clearance, MPI clearance, Vehicle compliance, Delivery to your doo.


An Experienced Team

We are based in Wollaston, UK and have 20 years’ experience vehicle sourcing vehicles for customers in New Zealand and Australia. Sourcing and shipping a car from the UK is a simple process for us to due to our industry experience and the strength of our international network. We know the requirements for what can be imported, and we work fast and professionally to find the car you want.


“The main difficulty was finding someone that I could trust. We were sending GBP 20,000 to the UK for purchasing a car and with no guarantee of ever seeing it again. I came across your company via the UK AUDI AGENT who assured me that all was 100% fine. He had dealt with you for some years. Further I found out that you supply 150 Cars to Auckland each year so why would you wish to destroy such trade.”

Mr. T Munns

Christchurch, New Zealand

Sourcing Enquiry

If you would like to source a vehicle from the UK please submit an enquiry. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

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Calculate Quote

If you already know the price of the car you want, please use our landed calculator here to get an accurate estimate of.

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