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Trike & three-wheel transportation

Good news for trike and three-wheel dealers, custom builders and private sellers/buyers — you don't need to take any chances with transportation for your pride and joy.

Shippio is providing the ultimate transportation service for trikes and three-wheel vehicles across the UK, Europe and other continents.

We're transporting for trikes that include Harley Davidson Tri Glide, Servi-cars, Grinall, Casarva and EML Trikes & Sidecars, as well as bespoke models from master builders.

Our team can also handle three-wheeler such as Tuk Tuks, Carvers, Sinclair C5s, Morgan Three Wheelers, Piaggio Apes, Moto Guzzi Ercole and Reliant Robins.

We're also equipped to manage bubble and micro cars made by the likes of Messerschmitt, Heinkel, BMW Isetta, Bond Bugs and Lomax.

Fully-enclosed transporter
Even though trikes and three-wheelers don’t fall over, our drivers understand the geometry that's essential for safe road handling.

We can easily load and safely secure your item on our fully enclosed trike transporter. The rear of the vehicle drops down to provide a full width loading platform. We secure the front wheel into a wheel chock before securing the rest of the vehicle.

Reverse trikes are loaded differently. They are often fitted with wide wheels with low profile tyres. 

Please contact us for a quick quote if you need collect and deliver a trike or three-wheeler.

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This news article has been written by the team here at Shippio. We're experts at car and motorcycle shipping.