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VAT Qualifying Cars in stock - Shippio

VAT Qualifying Cars in stock

i8 and i3

These vehicles are available to go now so you can have your UK VAT qualifying cars or motorcycle in the quickest time.

Prices for these UK VAT qualifying cars are often the most competitive you will find anywhere, plus they already exclude any VAT for export. They also tend to be lower mileage with the majority under 2 years old. Finding older VAT qualifying vehicles is possible, but they are rare as companies tend to change their stock every 2 years at which point most of these UK cars fall into private hands.

What is a VAT Qualifying vehicle?

In the UK we pay 20% local tax on most purchases including vehicles. As a UK VAT registered company we can offer vehicles free of VAT providing we export outside of the European Economic Community (EEC)

Are all vehicles in the UK VAT qualifying?

Only a small number of vehicles in the UK are VAT qualifying and it’s our job to find you a VAT qualifying example of your desired vehicle. Many people get caught out when purchasing vehicles as there are many vehicles where only a small percentage of the VAT can be deducted. Our vehicles are offered at the full VAT reduction.

Please find further explanations regarding the tax requirements for VAT Qualifying cars and motorcycles in our Frequently asked questions

Our strong main dealer connections mean we are offered some of the best vehicles at the most attractive pricing before they go on general sale.

We always try to find the highest specification vehicle within the price bracket to ensure you have everything you need and to make sure your vehicle retains its highest possible resale value for when you decide to sell on at a later date. After we have saved you considerable money, many of our customers keep their vehicles for 2 years and are still able to sell on for a profit at the end of this time.

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