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Testimonials - UK to NZ - Shippio

Testimonials – UK to NZ


In an industry that depends so strongly on customer relationships and trust, we pride ourselves on our dedication to customer service and genuine passion for providing a reliable international shipping assistance. Read what some of our customers have said about our service below.

“The main difficulty was finding someone that I could trust. We were sending GBP 20,000 to the UK for purchasing a car and with no guarantee of ever seeing it again. I came across your company via the UK AUDI AGENT who assured me that all was 100% fine. He had dealt with you for some years. Further I found out that you supply 150 Cars to Auckland each year so why would you wish to destroy such trade.”

Mr. T Munns

Christchurch, New Zealand

“Prior to “finding” SHIPPIO I attempted to purchase direct from UK dealers myself but it all got too hard. Negotiations, stock that wasn’t there but “soon would be”, who would I get to transport to the nearest port, pay the UK tax, get a refund etc, etc. One night I was referred to a guy with a company called SHIPPIO – I made contact and very quickly I was most impressed. Would I recommend SHIPPIO – absolutely! Would I use them again for my next car – Absolutely!”

Mr David M

Auckland, New Zealand

“I had a great drive home in my new car sooner than expected, and it is now taking pole position in my garage, great service and my experience in our dealings has been absolutely fantastic! so once again thank you very much for all the assistance and, for turning my dream car into reality, I am very happy with my new Audi, it has been well worth the wait and I am now recommending you to all of my contacts.”

Mr. K McKeown

South Island, New Zealand

“Dear Giles, Happiest New Year and thank you for your help. The car is great! I want to do the same deal when the 2014 demonstrators are on the market. Please keep me informed. My good friend and family member will be in touch He may want you to source several cars .My two sons will also be contacting you. See what we can do.”

Mr N Davidson

Christchurch, New Zealand, Malaysia

“I used Shippio as my agent to purchase an export a new Audi TT RS 2.5. The cost saving was significant! Naturally I was apprehensive as to forwarding a large sum of money to Shippio without being involved personally in the purchase. I made relevant enquiries before doing so to satisfy my worries. I found their service professional and exemplary with regular updates and quick shipping.”

Mr. B McNiece

Christchurch, New Zealand

“Hi Giles, I received everything earlier this week. Thank you for everything at each stage of your services. I’ll be looking at another one very soon! Thanks again.”

Mr P Norris

Paraparaumu, New Zealand


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